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George A. Romero Limited Edition Mag from Fangoria

Right now at you can purchase Fangoria Legends George A. Romero limited edition magazine.It includes essays,inght,testimonials,interviews and rare stills from his films.From Night of the living Dead to Survival of the Dead this is a must own for fans of George A. Romero and his living dead series.It cost $9.99 plus shipping.I already purchased my copy.There are limited to 1000 copies so if your a fan of George A. Romero or Fangoria or both make sure to get on over there to there te and pick up your copy.

note:When you arrive at the home page on Fangoria's te it will pop up automatically.It may take a minute or so but a special order page will pop up where you'll beable to click the order button.If you click on the store button it may not be in there yet.Im not for sure so just wait for the order page to come up once you enter there ght and place your order.
horrorlord Saturday 4/07/2012 at 05:36 PM | 92242