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"The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury" is Coming This October!

On Friday, I decided to weigh in on the first novel of a planned trilogy in "The Walking Dead" series called "Rise of the Governor". After talking with a friend of mine, I was informed that part 2 is currently up for pre-order on I did some digging & found it. Written by Robert Kirkman & Jay Bonannga, this will presumably pick up where the first book left off. I've been trying to find plot information but haven't had any luck as of yet.

Teaser Book Cover Art

Teaser Audio Book Art

Amazon says the book is scheduled to be released in hardcover, Kindle, & an audio book on October 16th of this year. Given how good the first book was, I'm very excited for this next installment. You can read my thoughts on "Rise of the Governor" at

To pre-order in your dered format, you can use the links below:

Hardcover -

Kindle -

Audio Book -
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