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Horror May Get Its Due With "American Horror Story" in Miniseries Competition

American Horror Story drew in wide audiences and earned a second season with its compelling storylines, and may soon be in the running for a tangible reward for its success.

Due to its unique format, American Horror Story qualifies as an anthology, leaving it entrance into the

miniseries category under current Emmy award guidelines. With plans to offer a completely different storyline in the upcoming second season, featuring a revolving cast, American Horror Story was always something of a far cry from usual televion horror fare, and this unique format may be a boon to the horror industry.

With few horror films receiving decent praise from mainstream sources, American Horror Story’s entrance into the miniseries category increases its chances of both a nomination and, better yet, an award. This allows the series to compete with a smaller pool of nominee choices and, given the stellar performances in the series, may lead to nominations for its stars as well as the series itself.
dew Tuesday 4/10/2012 at 11:40 PM | 92342