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...another real life "Spree of Terror"

Sounds like a good movie title. Surpringly, it isn't...not even on IMDB.

Lately we have seen a small surge of real life horror stories here on the bid. Tales of a mad man or more than one who claim the lives of innocent victims and move along as if it were their only purpose in life. Call it a broken home they came from, call it mental instability, call it a mple dere to terrorize. The fact is, there are people who still exist to this day who carry on the rugged roles of mayhem and madness.

Tonight I bring to the Bidites a tale of terror from a man who is probably a combination of the aforementioned conditions...that happened close to where I live.

Presenting: "The Man Who Committed 10 Felonies in 9 Hours" ... 18822.html
aceofspades70 Wednesday 4/11/2012 at 02:44 AM | 92355