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"The Possession of Jamie Hunt" NEW title and trailer!

Happy Friday the 13th Horrorbytes! You may remember reading about the upcoming film "The Posseson of Jamie Hunt" (you can refresh your memory by clicking right HERE) Well today I have a treat for you, some news on the upcoming film!

First off the title has been changed to "What Comes From Within."

Much better right? I also have a brand new internet teaser for the film with the new title! I hope you all enjoy!

The film follows Josh and Jamie Hunt right after the tragic death of their parents.

Soon after the deaths their coun Haley moves in.

Haley and Josh quickly realize that something is different about Jamie.

Scream your way into summer with "What Comes From Within."

I also gave the film a "R" rating-- following the format that the M.P.A.A. uses.

Due to amount of swear words and blood.

Happy Friday the 13th!
Aronsonfilms Friday 4/13/2012 at 06:05 PM | 92431
Yeah I dig the title a lot more. Who did the voice in the trailer? Did you use FCPX to edit this? Asking because the background for the last clip is one of the background options in FCPX I believe.
Sephit Saturday 4/14/2012 at 10:50 PM | 92460