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A fan teaser trailer in celebration of friday 13th

On Wednesday I decided I wanted to do something special this week for Friday 13th so what better to do than a Jason fan film ? I wrote the script,got all the props ready but all the people who had agreed to act in my film let me down Wednesday and Thursday, it come to Friday (today), I woke up to find it was raining outde and it seemed like all was lost and Friday 13th was living up to its 'bad luck day' name.

But later the rain cleared and my freind come round to my house and we decided to do a fan teaser for the fan film so in celebration of todays date here it is!

:) ... irLPpxd0g=I was director,actor, writer and editor

and my freind was the camera man.

I think we done okay for a two man crewI also still have the original footage video if anyone wants to see how it looked before the edit

and yes I know you can see the slit in my mask but nothing could be done about it.
darkbladeclan Friday 4/13/2012 at 07:02 PM | 92434