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Hey guys my name is James Amsden and iam new to the forum, been a fan of the te for awhile. Iam not sure if iam going about this the right way but here goes..... I just started a little online store on etsy called MADHOUSE EMPORIUM and what iam doing is getting limited quantities of my art made into prints. Right now there are 5 degns with a limited number of prints made. I will always do no less than 7 prints of a degn and no more than 10, so like i said, they are super limited. My main goal is to offer the most bang for your buck as far as prints go. Have you ever bought a print or poster and said "jesus i cant believe i just spent that much money on a print made on kinkos paper!!!!" With me thats not the case, Everything that i do is high quality from start to finish. This is what you will get with my pieces

-Your print will be printed on high quality acid free archival paper and is printed with high quality archival ink. -Your print will also include a clear protective sleeve and a custom certificate of authenticity hand gned and numbered in colored ink to match a color in the print

Iam all about offering something cool to people who can appreciate horror and sci-fi based art. Thanks for your time. With that being said here you go. ... eller_info
falcon4130 Tuesday 4/17/2012 at 08:49 PM | 92542