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Name the HorrorBid "Slasher" Guy Contest - Win Signed THE INNKEEPERS Posters & Tons More!

As summer sets in what better time to strike up a contest then the present? Thanks to one of our favorite horror writer/directors Ti West, we have a kick ass prize pack that is sure the keep you on the edge of your seat as the days grow longer.


We are looking for a name and backstory for our logo HorrorBId "Slasher" guy (pictured above). mply come up with a name and brief backstory and post it below. If we choose your entry you win. It's that mple. We will have multiple runner ups to this contest as well (however the winner will receive all 3 prizes). We have quite a few multiples of each item so even though you may not take the top prize you still have a very good change of taking something home.

WHAT DO YOU WIN?: 1. Ti West gned Gatefold

2. The Dude Degns (pictured below) Ti West, Pat Healy and Sara Paxton poster


The contest will end this Monday on April 30th, 2012. We will announce the winner and runner ups at midnight est.

You must also be a fan of our Facebook or Twitter pages which are listed below to be eligible. Good luck! ( ... 3951442977 ) (!/horrorbid )

Ti West’s THE INNKEEPERS is now available on Blu-ray & DVD April 24th from Dark Sky Films. To order please CLICK HERE.


Ti West gned Gatefold : " class="photoborder" />

The Dude Degns Ti West, Pat Healy and Sara Paxton poster:

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Tuesday 4/24/2012 at 01:45 AM | 92688
Harlon Hanberry. Kentucky born and bred.

When Harlon was a boy, he entertained himself by wearing anything he could find as a mask. His parents lived on a run down farm. A wretched shack of a home, desperate crops of food that were plowed by the hands of his father and an old horse.

One day, the local banker came to give Harlon's father the bad news...foreclosure. Harlon spied on the conversation. When his father stumbled back inde from hearing the news, Harlon grabbed his favorite mask, and a weapon.

The rusty old blade of a butcher knife rushes toward the banker man as Harlon runs toward him and draws back.


Mr. Banker falls to the ground in agony. Blood gushes from the back of his thigh as he screams in pain. The knife is drawn again in rage and despair...


The scream becomes lence as the banker grabs his neck and tries to stop the bleeding. There is no chance. He quickly dies.

Thirty years later, the farm is abandoned. Breezes blow through the broken glass of every other window. Paint peels from the rotted wood ding.A family of four drives up in an SUV. A realtor follows in a new car. They all gather for a showing of what is believed to be the wonderful purchase of a weekend getaway fixer upper. Unfortunately, the redence is still occupied.

Harlon has never left home.
aceofspades70 Tuesday 4/24/2012 at 03:57 AM | 92691
Fall He was mounted up against the sandstone, cold torture chamber walls, hands chained, nude, bleeding profusely.

He was near death, seeping in and out of conscience nous with every flickering, light swinging from above.

The minute hand of the nearby clock slid over to 11:59 P.M. He gleaned his last breath and exhaled softly…His life had abandoned him.

The man once known by only ‘J.C.’ had died…Blackness began to swallow his soul alleviating his once suffering agony.

In the distance, a small speck of light peering through the end of the vast emptiness surrounding him began to permeate the scent of burning coals and a retched stench of rotting flesh.

The light soon became a tall burning flame whisking, swirling the blackness of the tunneling walls.

The fire pierced through his very soul, it was indeed the touch of Lucifer.

Nothing happened.“HMMM!”

The Price of Darkness bellowed from with-in the nothingness.


The growling echo vibrated the shadows of ambiguity until the darkness began to separate from around him and crumble into a void of nonentity.It could feel the cold again from the steel chains and grits of brittle sand against its nude flesh.

The minute hand slid over to 12:01 A.M. It had awakened, but it wasn’t the same…the pain was gone…forever.


It heard from within its conscience.

Its tight clinched eyes, opened with balls of fire having consumed its pupils.

Empowered by an unknown strength it ripped the chains free from the walls.

The shape of what was once a man now steadily walked over to the variety of torture weapons mounted near the exit doorway.

He grazed his hands along the axe, the pickaxe, the saw until his fingers pressed up against the weapon his torturers had used on him, a butcher knife.“YOU ARE MY SEVENTH HAND!”

The demon spoke internally, “THE LUNAR MOON IS NOW YOUR GUIDE!” Each word shook what was once the being’s flesh.

The exit doorway ealy opened without a squeak and the presence stepped into the hallway.

In front of it, facing the oppote direction staring out a window was a lhouette of a tall stocky fellow with chaotically tangled hair; the moonlight glimpsed what appeared to be the man also wearing a strange white mask of sorts, and clothes that most certainly would be a perfect fit, indeed.“STEP FORTH!” Satan’s assertive whisper came again, “STEP FORTH ‘GRAVEN KANE’ AND TAKE YOUR REVENGE!”
MOWDEReeL Tuesday 4/24/2012 at 04:06 AM | 92692
In this world, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Michael Myers actually exist. They are constantly battling one another to see who will come out the ultimate slasher icon. If you are keen to the eye at night, look through your window and you might see Freddy and Jason having the war of a lifetime. A man by the name of Hank lverstone created a being so powerful and destructive that he could take out Michael with just a snap of his fingers. He created this being so he could be a leader of all the horror legends of the world. Hank wanted all of them to unite and be together in harmony so they wreck havoc on the world. He wanted no more fighting but wanted a gang of slashers. Even the supernatural ones such as Pinhead. Hank spent years perfecting his idea, gathering all the necessary potions he would need to finish his masterpiece. In the third year, he had finished his greatest work. And now as the night draws forward, the being leads the gang of nightmares all throughout the world to unleash destruction wherever they may please. In their eyes, its Heaven on Earth. His name is Balthazar.
lameo Tuesday 4/24/2012 at 04:45 AM | 92693
Drew Kogler, aka; Faceless.

After going to a party in high school, his rivals throw acid off his face caung him to be severely disfigured. He ran off into the night never to be seen again until the date of the party three years later. He stalks the night hunting down each and every person at that party skinning their faces, looking for the perfect replacement.
sickkgirl Tuesday 4/24/2012 at 03:03 PM | 92698

MorBid stalks the contributors of the te. As soon as one becomes a contributor and they slack on contributing, MorBid begins to stalk them. The contributor thinks the scratching on the windows was just a branch in the wind, or that the creaks in the house are just caused by living in an old house, but it is really MorBid getting closer. The contributor sees shadows of a man within their home but plays it off as their eyes playing tricks on them, until the haunting sudden flash images of MorBid's mask begin to take over their mind and eyes. Everywhere they look they see the mask. They think they are becoming mad, but the truth is, the mask is consuming them slowly. On the night, with a full moon, the contributor looks into the mirror and realizes they have become MorBid. Their clothing, their looks, and their thoughts are all MorBid. Morbid has the taste for blood and he's looking for more contributors. Those who refuse to consume themselves with, pay the price of death.
BloodyAdored Tuesday 4/24/2012 at 03:15 PM | 92699
His name is Danny Masterson.

He worked for Fangoria Magazine in the 1980's when after writing and reviewing some of horrors biggest stories he became obsessed with the 1989 film adaptation of Stephen King's Pet Sematary. When the bosses at Fangoria would try to get Masterson to write about other films he mply would look at them and smile. After torching the office building and killing a majority of the staff Masterson disappeared, or at least that's what they thought.

In 2007 Masterson came out of hiding (still obsessed with the film Pet Sematary) and drove to Maine to find the Indian Burial Ground mentioned in the movie. Once he found the grave te Masterson placed a mask he had hand made on his head and then took out a revolver and blew his brains out. Thankfully for Masterson he had dug a shallow grave and fell into it. They say that he was reborn that night, gaining life once again thanks to the Indian Burial Ground that he obsessed over.

From that point on he decided to set out and stalk the greatest horror webte on the planet. Masterson would become that backbone of a new breed of horror known as He can still be seen haunting in the moonlight with his mask and machete in hand to this very day.
indygogo Tuesday 4/24/2012 at 04:48 PM | 92706
During the rise of a full moon The town of Woodsbid lies still They watch in fear that soon He will rise in search of his kill

For when the moon is not white And orange cascades its shape Leaving Woodsbid without light And no chance to escape

He has come to pay them back For taking the thing loved most The ones that killed his brother Jack by drowning him in the town’s coast.

To avenge his brother’s death He dons a mask and knife Redents hide and hold their breath Praying he doesn’t take their life.

The town is known as Horrorbid And they will all suffer his wrath They will all pay for what they did Whenever they cross his path

During the rise of a full moon The town of Horrorbid lies still They watch in fear that soon Samuel Luna will search for his kill
crash3a3 Tuesday 4/24/2012 at 04:57 PM | 92707
He's known mply as The Junkman. He lives outde a small town and lives in a trailer alone with a trash littered yard. He has old car parts, pieces of trailers, tires, containers and other random trash. One night a few

teenagers decide to egg and TP the wrong place. Junkman takes them out one by one. He was raised by an overbearing gma and ends up being a pyschopath. A quite pyschopath. Til that fateful night when his rage is triggered by disrespectful teens.
kizzle Tuesday 4/24/2012 at 06:24 PM | 92708
good luck to everyone. some of these stories are pretty good
kizzle Tuesday 4/24/2012 at 06:25 PM | 92709
Thomas Happick was a young, attractive film school student from Texas who wanted nothing more than to make it as an actor in Hollywood. After graduating and moving into a modest apartment in Los Angeles, Thomas felt that success would be just around the corner. But after countless auditions with no success, his money dwindled. Thomas was thrown onto the streets of Los Angeles. His beautiful face seemed to turn more and more horrid with each pasng day. With no means to return home and the inability to find a job, Thomas' hope and optimism faded... along with his sanity.

One night, Thomas decided to pay a vit to the talented street performer on the corner... the one whose talent was swallowing long, shiny swords...

The City of Angels had a new villain. And he loved his fame.
legal_assassin Tuesday 4/24/2012 at 09:03 PM | 92711
Seamus McGraw aka "The Butcher"

Bullied his entire life Seamus McGraw was an outcast looking for an excuse to end it all. One day when pushed too far Seamus took a butcher knife and went on a rampage killing 14 Beagles and a Pit Bull. The Pit Bull was slaughtered mply because Seamus realized Beagle meat didn't taste that good. Realizing that puppy killing didn't relieve his pain Seamus went on to stalk HorrorBid and internet trolls. They say that on a brisk autumn night you can still see Seamus "The Butcher" McGraw's lhouette in a harvest moon and hear a puppy wimper in the distance.
Blades Wednesday 4/25/2012 at 01:21 AM | 92719
Samuel Haine was an ordinary kid who loved to dress up for Halloween and go door to door begging for candy.

This year was a very special year as it was his 16th birthday, which happened to fall on October 31st.

Samuel was an artistic boy, degning his own costume from scratch.

The mask, made of latex and rubber cement, formed smoothly against his face, a malevolent grin carved across the grey exterior.

The hair blew freely in the wind, adding an ominous shadow across his face as he prepared to go trick or treating.

Living in a small, rural town surrounded by cornfields, Samuel walked cautiously down the dusty road, stopping by each and every farmhouse.

As he turned to leave the house near the end of his road, he heard the screams echoing across the wind.

Rushing towards the barn, he could see the boys standing around the girl who was crying.

One held a knife to her neck, threatening to kill her if she screamed again.The machete sticking out from the rotten stump next to him caught his eye.

Pulling it free, Samuel lowered his mask and crept in slowly.

The next sound that could be heard were the screams of the boys being torn apart by the dull edge of the machete's blade.

Many years had past nce that day.

Samuel was all but forgotten, locked away for killing that night.

But soon, very soon, he would escape, a tortured soul seeking blood from those who choose to spill it. A legend would begin, the legend of a boy known as "Sam Haine", a terror that returns every Halloween, wearing that same grey mask and wielding the same dull machete.
maverick96 Wednesday 4/25/2012 at 03:19 AM | 92727
A 12 Year old boy called Eric Davison is knocked down and killed by a drunk driver, years later his ster Paige and her boyfriend Chuck return home to vit the gravete. Chuck having some history with witchcraft waits til nightfall and digs up the body of the child and practicing a ritual on the coffin awakens something within the casket - it starts knocking against the hood. Before Chuck can open it though he’s found and arrested – With no one believing his ramblings of witchcraft and long dead bodies returning from the grave, the casket is reburied.

A few days later a young man is paying his respects to his father in the graveyard, he hears a noise like someone struggling to breathe, finding the source coming from beneath the earth on Eric Davison’s grave, The man puts his hand down on soil and gets a shock that runs through his entire body and causes him to fall back onto the ground unconscious.

When the man wakes he gets to his feet and looks around the graveyard as if he were surprised to be there, he walks off in the direction of the gate – Eric Davison has found a new body. As he walks the streets of the small town of Reignsdale, Eric finds himself having flashbacks of his childhood. Soon Eric finds an old toy store he remembered viting when he was a kid and breaks in – The owner of the store tries to attack Eric with a machete – Eric dodges the strike and wrestles the machete out of the toy store owner’s hands – quickly dispatching the older man with his own weapon. Eric finds a mask behind the counter – The face of the mask is a smoky/sooty color, the mouth formed with a small but terrible grin, long greying black hair flows down both the back of the mask and wisps slightly at the front. Eric finds himself fascinated by the ghoulish mask, as he put it on he found himself embracing another flashback. This time of he and his ster, Paige playing tricks on their bicycles as something hits him from behind the last two things Eric hears are a car horn and Paige screaming, At that moment Eric felt a sudden burst of rage directed at that one memory and he decided that he would tear though the entire town just to find his ster.
Blood-taker Wednesday 4/25/2012 at 09:10 PM | 92738
His name is Daniel Hazard He grew up near Crystal Lake during the Jason murders and began a cult to the man that inspired him to kill.Thats why Daniels favorite weapon is the machete. They only see him when theirs a full moon and if you listen closely you can still hear the screams of his victims during the night.
JHorrorProductions Thursday 4/26/2012 at 01:35 AM | 92747
You'd think he was on some Hydeian potion, hair twisted suddenly, dred-like, smelling of fish and vomit.

His eyes were mostly lifeless, except for the bloodshot glare, brooding over her sullen body as some wisteria untamed. Whyndom Asher never cared too much for violence, though his social apprehenons lead him to a minute amount of verbal outbursts, landing him in the principal's office only for a quick reprimand, maybe detention.

His love and collection of knives seemed benign, as did his lack of charisma.

He had recently broke from his hermetic shell and had been accepted by most of the prominent cliques within the halls of his All American high school.

The day had begun most normally, flag brandished full mast, the stench of cafeteria food overwhelming and somewhat appetizing, Whyndom had his typical smirk of humility festering as some hapless grin.

So why was he standing there, blade in hand, shade for this resplendent yet stagnant cadaver, a monolith among the most evil of evils?

Up above the school there were reports of a strange, black cloud.

Out of the cloud fell a deep, dark hooded robe and a ckle, sharpened and as bright as the moon could reflect on such an azure sky.

Whynn had climbed to the top of the school before anyone had noticed, setting fire to such archaic wardrobe.
Madloomis78 Thursday 4/26/2012 at 04:47 AM | 92756
Real Name : Ryan Denolf Date of birth: Unknown Alias: the Stalker

Known info: He has been seen within multiple cities stalking his preys at night, the most common tes of his murders are various but many.

our psychiatrist on hand has compiled a report after she got to meet with one of the few victims left alive" Some facts came about from this report.

:the Stalker loves to talk with his victim, telling them that he was beaten half to death by his own father t'ill the age of 11 when he killed him.

He also let his victims know that he would stalk them just like he used to stalk some of the animals he hunted for food after he ran away from home after he murdered his father, he has mastered his abilities to stalk his prey at a very young age and has perfected this skill to an art.

He mostly stalks only woman of his age but on occaon he has murdered men that would have facial features close to his father.

With this information we have been able to ID him after compiling a list of misng children with fathers that had been murdered the same year. Hi mother passed away a year after he ran away . No other blings are known.

At the moment the body count is 10 in our city, with a total of 130 all together .

This case is still open but we intend on catching this Stalker

Detective Conner New York City Police
fanger54 Friday 4/27/2012 at 03:46 AM | 92777
They say one rainy night in June, He stood before the midnight moon. A lust for blood, a taste for n, a pale white face and an evil grin.

His motives full of dread and doom, to kill before the mornings bloom By midnight will his fun begin, The bloody Francis Charles Quinn.

With gnarled hair and bloody clothes, stained with the crimson color of rose When he came to play his twisted game, they say that with him hell had came.

By mornings light Ole' Quinn was gone, but everyone will know his song For on that rainy night in June, he stood before the midnight moon.

The Moonlight Man. Francis Charles Quinn, and the ballad of the midnight moon.
ED_ofthe_DEAD Friday 4/27/2012 at 11:41 PM | 92795
Hey Bidites, we are going through all of these as we speak. Expect the winners to be announced tomorrow, Monday April 30th. :)
Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Sunday 4/29/2012 at 11:50 PM | 92821
Wap Willie- a Children’s rhyme – circa 1984

Listen to this tale young child, listen well It may save you from death’s bell. The woods cannot hide you dear, you cannot run The beast of the water is never done. Stay away from this ancient river, even in the day Evil walks the shores, just to take you away. If you don’t heed this warning, there is little chance To survive the Pale Face’s dance Beware the blackest night, and when your spine goes chilly Cos’ you’re in the lair of Wap Willie.The Wappinicon river (The initial vowel rhymes with "pop") runs through northeastern Iowa. Most people from this area have heard variations of the Wap Willie legend. In the fall of 1983, thirteen young children and teens were reported misng from river towns stretching the 300 mile length of the “Wap”. Eight were taken from the shores of the river during a camping trip near the small town of Wheatland. Determined to locate their misng children, local police led a masve search of the nearby woods lining the river.It took only two days of searching before the remains of the misng children were found. Burned on pyre’s with various religious symbols carved into surrounding trees, it was determined the children were taken to be sacrificed. During a search for more clues, a branding was found on another tree. It was the face of a man with black eyes, a slight smile, and unkempt hair. Experts were unable to find connections to any major or fringe religious artwork or beliefs. This final discovery was kept from the public. In the months that followed, over 30 people, now including adults, were reported misng in eastern Iowa. All of them were last seen near the Wap. Reports slowly trickled in of people seeing a man with a pale face and black eyes standing on the shore staring up at cars crosng bridges along the river. Despite the public being unaware of the face burned into the tree, the descriptions they reported were surpringly accurate.Finally, a Deputy Sheriff of Cedar County witnessed the figure dragging a limp body into the river while he was investigating an unrelated incident. He engaged the figure, firing off several shots from his firearm. The figure was absorbed into the waters, never to be found. The disappearances of children stopped, and the campfire stories began. Was it a madman? Was it a demon summoned from the sacrifice of the misng children? The legend of Wap Willie was born. The unassuming name was given to the figure in hopes to give the stories and rhymes a lliness quality. I find the oppote is true.

Wap Willie is a truly frightening name. Occaonally a ghting of the figure is reported. Mostly from local boyscout troops or drunk fishermen.

Many local Iowans, including myself are in fear, in awful fear that the story isn’t over. And next time there may be no escape.
hosser1138 Monday 4/30/2012 at 04:12 AM | 92826
Who Won??
fanger54 Wednesday 5/02/2012 at 04:11 PM | 92853
Who Won??

I don't want to speak for Justin but I know he is going through some family issues right now. If he doesn't pick the winners in the next day or so I will get with everyone and see what we are going to do.
Shakelford, J. Rusty Wednesday 5/02/2012 at 05:21 PM | 92854
Sorry if my asking seemed rude or rushy , i was just curious as to who had won this contest. i dont know anyone involved in the contest so i had no idea that something outde of the te was going on ... honestly id rather know that things are getting better for him then who won ,
fanger54 Wednesday 5/02/2012 at 09:03 PM | 92860
His Name is Clarence. He is a farmer. One stormy night, college kids were camping on his land and accidently killed him. Now he is a supernatural entity and kills college students. Pretty original right?
AgnesItsMeBilly Wednesday 5/02/2012 at 11:08 PM | 92866