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Bloody Adored's Top 5 Episode Picks From The Masters of Horror

I recently sat down and watch all of the Masters of Horror movies, which took me about three weeks to do, but it was well worth watching them all! The Masters of Horror series lasted for two season on tv. The series contains hour long episodes directed by some of the TRUE masters of horror, like John Carpenter, Joe Dante, and Rob Schmidt. Each episode has it's own grizzly and sometimes comical stories. I would like to know what episodes are your top 5, after I list mine. Without further due, my top 5.

We All Scream For Ice Cream

This movie was literally chilling to me! It was a lot like Stephan Kings IT but this movie took the freaky clown to the next level, gave him an ice cream truck, and summoned kids to come from their beds, in the middle of the night, to buy an ice cream from him. One bite of the ice cream and youre gone.

The Washingtonians I absolutely loved the plot of this film! What if George Washington was really a cannibal that ate little kids? Goodness! This is the kind of randomness I would come up with if I were writing scripts

Cigarette Burns With any horror movie buff, I believe this film can be enjoyed. Once you hear of a rare disturbing film you MUST have it! The journey to find a film the made people turn against each other and kill while watching the movie sounds magical

Pick Me Up I absolutely loved the storyline for this film! Two murderers facing off to kill a group of people first is very intriguing! This film was eerily realistic and very comical.

Deer Woman Talk about cheesefest but goodness this film was hilarious! I loved the Native American folklore, I have no idea if it is true Native American folklore though. Nothing beats a random murder with a person being beat to death by deer leg?

So what are your guy's favorite episodes? What did you love about them?
BloodyAdored Wednesday 4/25/2012 at 03:33 AM | 92728