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Monsters in Motion Gate Demon model kit review

I bought a gate demon model kit from Monsternmotion. ... kit-p-7068 It came in 4 pieces, 5 if you count the base. I, sadly did not take any pictures of it pre-assembled. Though I will say the pieces would fit together ealy without much adjustments.

This is painted and assembled by my brother chainsawscreams over at the hma forums. I bought the kit though. My brother did this for my birthday. The gate demon stands 10 inches tall. I believe there is a smaller veron, this review is for the larger life-ze veron. The base in the photo is not the one shipped in the kit. My brother said he could not get the paint to stick to the base so he bought and painted me another one.

There's a ridge running down the gate demon 's neck down his back from where he was pulled from the mold. My brother tried to correct this, but he said the details were chipping off as well.

This is a very detailed sculpt but for 80 bucks plus shipping the cast should be near edgeless.

I'm very happy with how it came out but minor annoyances in the cast and the pricetag have made it a little underwhelming,

Though it looks spot on thanks to the artistic skills of my bro.That said, I mostly collect smaller life ze props and I love the movie, "The Gate" so it's a welcome addition to my collection.

Sculpture 6.5/10 (If edgeless would be more like a 9 or 10). Paint job 10/10 but I might be partial." class="photoborder" />

mas5acre Thursday 4/26/2012 at 01:47 AM | 92748