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See Why Love Is The End In The Official Trailer For IFC Midnight's 'Entrance'

If your looking for a riveting new psychological thriller, then ENTRANCE may be just what your looking for. Directed by newcomers Dallas Hallam and Patrick Horvath, the film explores the thin line between anxiety and naked horror in the life of Suzy (SUZIEY BLOCK), a young woman in Los Angeles who can’t get comfortable in her own skin. A loner who wallows in nostalgia and finds herself wandering aimlessly through life in the city, she can’t shake the gnawing suspicion that a true menace grows just outde her field of vion. As she scrambles to take control of her life, her anxiety rises to a fever pitch that boils over into a waking nightmare.

Check out the official trailer below to catch a glimpse at the latest from IFC Midnight.

Look for the film to be released in limited theaters and nationwide on cable VOD and via digital outlets on May 18th.

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