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The Legendary Vincent Price in Silicone - Imagine this on your Mantel

From Price's iconic voice and appearance to his mind blowing ability to convey horror like no one else. He was and always will be the definition of horror to me. Which is why sculptor "Old School" Dan's Vincent Price bust finished off in licone impressed us so much. He was able to capture Price's look down to his iconic stare. It almost feels as if Price is ready to speak. It truly is an eerie piece to behold and a tribute to the king of horror.

This bust features hand punched hair, glass eyes, and is cast in beautiful lifelike licone. This is based on Price from the 1973 horror film title THEATER OF BLOOD.

Oh and one small bit of information I purposely left here at the end. This is Dan's first attempt at creating a licone bust, ever! Amazing? Yeah we think so. Now onto the pics.
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