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Attention Dexter Fans! From Novo Geek Comes The Dexter Thumb Drive That's Actually A Thumb

One thing that I love about this buness is all of the really cool collectibles that can be purchased to show your love for this awesome genre. True some it is rather expenve, but I look at it this way - you can't take your money to the grave, so you may as well spend it while you can. So if your a geek like me, who just so happens to also be a big fan of Dexter, then you're probably gonna pounce on this awesome collectible which will be available on May 7th. Read on for the details...

Pop-culture geeks can wear their fandom on their sleeves ... or around their necks ... or even plug it into their computers when leading collectibles company Anovos Productions introduces The Novo Geek online store on May 7th.

"We're geeks, and we're proud of it – and our mison is to make every day better for all geek-kind," said Joe Salcedo, founder and CEO of Anovos Productions LLC, whose staggeringly detailed and precise "Star Trek" and "Battlestar Galactica" replica uniforms have become enormously popular with fans around the world. "Wherever we go, fellow geeks have asked us if we could also make products more suited to the lifestyle and budget of all fans, which is why we created The Novo Geek. We’re happy to be working with some of the most popular and best-loved movie and TV properties in the world."

For its May 7th debut at, The Novo Geek will have products inspired by "Star Trek", "Battlestar Galactica", and, for the first time ever, "Dexter", including:

"Dexter Thumb Drive (pictured above) – Fans of Showtime’s popular "Dexter" will take devilish delight in a 2GB thumb drive that’s actually a thumb, inspired by Cherry’s “donation” to the infamous ice block at the hands of the Ice Truck Killer. $50 each.

The Novo Geek plans to introduce even more pop-culture collectibles at affordable prices throughout the summer, including more "Dexter", "Star Trek", and "Battlestar Galactica" items that make every day a little bit better for the geek that lives in all of us.

Source: The Novo Geek
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