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Two New Dexter Bobble Heads Are On Their Way This July From Bif Bang Pow!

As I was paging through the Summer catalog from Entertainment Earth which arrived in my mailbox earlier toady, I noticed on page 18 that more Dexter goodness is coming from a company that I feel is a real force to be reckoned with. Of course I'm talking about Bif Bang Pow

Check out the newest additions to the Dexter Bobble Head family - Joseph "Jay" Quinn and Lt. Debra Morgan.

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Homicide detective Joseph "Joey" Quinn wants to look into your Dexter collection to see what you know about the blood-spatter expert. Pong as this 7-inch scale ren bobble head of actor Desmond Harrington, the former narcotics cop will be working undercover, of course. He's sure you and your buddy Dexter Morgan are up to something, and he's determined to prove it

Well, if it isn't Dexter's little ster! From Showtime's "Dexter" TV series comes Lt. Debra Morgan... as a 7-inch scale ren bobble head. Dexter's bling, played by actress Jennifer Carpenter, is not afraid to get into the action, and she's dressed to kill (so to speak) in this Lt. Debra Morgan Bobble Head from Bif Bang Pow

Both Bobbles arrive in July. You can pre-order them now at Entertainment

Source: EE
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