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Sideshow Offers Up A Sneak Peek At Their Upcoming Predator Statue - "BAD BLOOD" Predator

deshow Collectibles has been offering up a lot of really cool (but expenve) Predator collectibles in the last couple of months, and we're now being told that at least one more is on the way!

If you're a collector, check out this jaw-dropping sneak peek at their latest Predator statue - the "Bad Blood" Predator statue, which might I add is nothing short of amazing. Expect a full reveal early next week with pre-orders beginning Thursday, May 17.

Source: Figures
Anonymous Sunday 5/13/2012 at 12:13 AM | 93056
They have just ripped off the narin badblood kit
darkbladeclan Tuesday 5/15/2012 at 03:49 PM | 93087