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Warner Bros. Launches The Official Trailer For 'The Apparition'

As summer approaches and the temperature begins to rise, so does our anticipation for good cinema. Hopefully Warner Bros. paranormal spooker The Apparition falls into that category. Check out the official trailer, and some pretty nifty artwork for the film, and gives us your thoughts -- Will the movie make bank or tank?

In the film, "When frightening events start to occur in their home, young couple Kelly (Ashley Greene) and Ben (Sebastian Stan) discover they are being haunted by a presence that was accidentally conjured during a univerty parapsychology experiment. The horrifying apparition feeds on their fear and torments them no matter where they try to run. Their last hope is an expert in the supernatural (Tom Felton), but even with his help they may already be too late to save themselves from this terrifying force..."

The Apparation stars Ashley Greene (Twilight), Sebastian Stan (Black Swan, The Covenant), Luke Pasqualino, Julianna Guill (Friday the 13th, Altitude), and Tom Felton (Rise of the Apes, 13 HRS, The Disappeared).

Look for the film which is directed by Todd Lincoln to hit theaters this summer on August 24th.

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