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MORE REAL LIFE HORROR: NJ Man Stabs Himself & Throws His INTESTINES At Police

Yesterday, we brought you updated info on the Miami "Zombie" attack (story can be read

HERE). In a story that will either further prove the world is going to Hell in a hand basket or leave you with a bizarre craving for hot dogs, this is coming out of New Jersey.

In Hackensack, police responded to a call regarding 43 year old Wayne Carter. Carter had barricaded himself in his home and began cutting himself with a knife. When police arrived, they found Carter brandishing a hammer & the 12 inch knife. He is reported to have waved the hammer at police & continued to stab himself in the legs, abdomen, & neck. Hackensack Police Lt. Timothy Lloyd is quoted as saying the following:

"They tried to talk him down, but they were having no luck. He was slashing at them with the knife."

The Bergen County SWAT team was sent to the home when Carter began throwing pieces of his own intestines at police. When they arrived, Carter's intestines have been described as hanging out of his body. An official on scene has said,

"The scene was a bloody mess," the official said. "The SWAT team members had to be decontaminated due to the amount of blood."

Carter was eventually disarmed after two cans of PEPPER SPRAY were used on him. He was rushed to the hospital & underwent emergency surgery. It should be noted that Carter suffers from a history of mental illness.

I can sympathize with the man, as this is how anyone should feel after seeing snippets of "Jersey Shore".

Full details of the story can be found at:

Long Island Press -

FOX News -
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