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"The Bleeding House" - Scream Masters Review

"The Bleeding House- Scream Masters Review

Dad- "What do you do for a living?"

Weirdo- "I cut people up!"

The family has many dark secrets.

Early on, we get the sense that mental illness is the theme.

My interest was slightly built while trying to decide the issue within the family.

Is the mother a monster?

Why’d the dad lose his job?

Why are they alienated from the towns people?

What is the huge thing in their past that they can’t escape?

Things get a bit more suspenseful when the family somewhat reluctantly welcomes a stranger into their home for the night. The writing of the movie ts below decent because the suspense just doesn’t grow and climax the way it should.

tuationally realistic, the movie lacks the unexpected twist that the plot is centered on.

There are two killers in this movie, there just isn’t much tenon built upon their relationship.

Certainly not a clasc, this movie does have a few death scenes that are memorable.

The special effects are nearly non-existent but the blood is believable.

The actors do a good job, I’m not sure the director or writers urged them to full potential.

Mental illness is a theme here but we just don’t get to experience the joy of a psychotic episode.

Everything is very methodical and subdued while lacking the darkness that is presumably intended.

This movie is incluve to many viewers although it may not hold the their attention spans.

The most thrilling part of this film comes from the monotone Texan serial killers inghtful commentary.

0-10, I give it a generous 6.

I would only watch this movie again if a friend really wanted to see it.
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