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'The Bunny Game' Brings All The Controversy Home To Blu-ray This July

If I had to describe Adam Rehmeier's The Bunny Game ung only one word, I think I'd have to go with the word "controveral" for obvious reasons.

Banned in the UK and partially inspired by a real-life experience of star Rodleen Getc, The Bunny Game is an unflinching descent into torment and madness. Junkie hooker Sylvia Grey (Gestic in a brave, award-winning performance) turns the wrong trick in demented trucker JR (Jeff Renfro). After knocking her out cold and taking her to a desolate place where no one can hear her cries, JR subjects Sylvia to a series of increangly twisted, sadistic “games”. But will she survive the ultimate test when she wakes up with her head sealed in a white leather bunny mask?

Adam Rehmeier directs with a fearless eye, pushing the boundaries of on-screen mayhem to the extreme, and now is your chance to see what the heck all the fuss is really about as The Bunny Game makes its way home to Blu-ray & DVD on July 17th.

Special Features (available on all discs):

Audio commentary with director Adam Rehmeier and Rodleen Getc “Caretaking the Monster” making-of featurette Trailer and alternate trailer

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