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NECA: Evil Dead 2 "SDCC" Exclusive Revealed

From and NECA we get a new look at Ash.

NECA continues to reveal their five San Diego Comic-Con excluves . Here is a look at "Hero from the Sky Ash". The 7-inch action figure depicts our chainsaw-handed, sawed-off shotgun toting hero as he appears at the end of Evil Dead 2 after being transported back through time. The figure features a sepia-toned paint job and sandy desert display base.

A fully articulated figure, Hero from the Sky Ash features the following:

- Ball jointed Neck - Ball Jointed Shoulders - Insert Molded Ball Hinged Elbows - Ball Jointed Wrists - Ball Jointed Chest - Ball Jointed Waist - V-Crotch - Mid-Thigh Swivels - Insert Molded Ball Hinged Knees - Ball Jointed Ankles - Chainsaw Swivels - Shotgun Stores in Holster on Figure’s Back

Grab your blister carded SDCC 2012 Excluve "Hero from the Sky Ash" during Comic-Con at NECA's booth #3145 priced at $25.
Shakelford, J. Rusty Sunday 6/03/2012 at 11:55 PM | 93433