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Must See! "The Walking Dead" TV Series 2 Figures - Shane, Well Zombie, Bicycle Girl

Some brand new photos have been revealed for the upcoming The Walking Dead - TV Series 2 Figures. McFarlane has revealed the first image of their upcoming Bicycle Girl Figure. MTV Geek has posted new pics of the Well Zombie and Shane Walsh.

The Walking Dead TV Series 2 includes Rick Grimes (The small-town sheriff’s deputy-turned-hero and leader of the survivors), Shane Walsh (Rick’s partner and loyal friend), Bicycle Girl Zombie (one of the most iconic zombies from Season 1), Well Zombie (A rotten, bloated zombie resting at the bottom of Hershel’s water well), and RV Zombie (stabbed in the eyeball with a screwdriver in the first episode of season 2).

Each human figure includes multiple interchangeable accessories and several points of articulation for limitless posbility and customization. Each zombie figure features unique, gory play action.

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