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Bloody Birthday (1981) ... And You Thought Your Kids Were Mischievous!

Children are said to be the protégés of our future. They can be life’s greatest treasures or the reason why you later develop an aneurysm. If you think your kids are the world’s worst home-wreckers, just wait until you compare them to the ruthless little brats in the lost-but-not-forgotten camp clasc: Bloody Birthday (1981).

Set in 1970 in the town of Meadowvale, California, three lives are conceived during an eclipse following the opening credits. Having a familiar face, as well as a minuscule role, portray the doctor who aids in the conception of these soon-to-be antagonists, Jose Ferrer (Blood Tide), inadvertently grants what should be a mother’s greatest moment into her worst nightmare.

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Hunt chooses a decent selection for his film’s serial murderers, with the emotionless Debbie and sadistic Curtis, who strangely knows his way around a pistol a bit too wittingly. The least prominent Steven lacks any plaubility, as he is the one who sort of hangs around as the “shadow” of the more destructive Curtis. Timmy and his astrology-expert s Joyce, which comes in handy later in the film briefly explaining the evident nature of Debbie’s peculiar personality, shine the most credibility throughout the cast.

For an early ‘80s flick, Bloody Birthday may not shed the most blood or exhibit effects to remember. It’s rather a surpringly enjoyable horror film with a splash of comic relief, erotic moments and a nice changeup from the usual slashers from its time. If anything, think of it as a reminder whenever your kids may have drawn all over the bedroom walls that it could be much, much worse.

(out of four)
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