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Hatchet II - One of the Few Sequels That Measures Up Favorably Against the Original!

Once again a very good evening fellow Bidites! Yesterday I posted my review on Hatchet, Writer/Director Adam Green’s 2006 horror. Last night I continued my venture into the soon to be trilogy by watching the 2010 sequel Hatchet II. Whilst I wasn’t completely disappointed with the original let’s just say I went into this one with very low expectations, I was pleasantly surprised!

Initially though I faced disappointment learning that Danielle Harris’s part in the movie was to take over the role of returning character Marybeth. I hate when characters are recast and I personally believe Danielle to be worthy of her own role, none the less I digressed and quickly moved beyond this initial disappointment.

From the opening scenes of Hatchet II it’s evident that we’re in for more of a story development type film then the stereotypical “catch-n-kill” of its predecessor. From here on in I continually questioned if these two films had been released in the correct order, the story and character development that takes place in this film would have far better suited the first film and added a sense of credibility to the future series and fan base, a reason for viewers to come back. It is because of this development of storyline that I proclaim this sequel to be of equal standing, if not better than its original, a rarity in the horror world.

Hatchet II provides a real sense of comradery(forced under the provion of financial incentive, we’ll look past that) amongst the town folk of New Orleans, you feel a real sense of security heading into the woods with this cast as opposed to what you felt with the cliché cast of the first film. If I were to compare it to the mood of another film, Halloween 4 immediately springs to mind!

Victor Crowley’s over the top kills continue to be a staple in this film as they were in the first and I now conder it to be his gnature, I will almost expect over the top kills in the next movie and believe the writers to have a pretty tough job to outdo the kills in this movie. The opening scene will have you view a man killed with his own internal body parts, something I can honestly say I’ve never seen in any other movie, ever! Kills throughout the movie will have literal meanings applied to the terms “dead root” and “axe wound” (I’m sure Ause readers will understand the pun ;) ) and a never ending supply of blood splatter will cater to any bloody hungry horror fans deres.

For those of you who face constant frustration with those “victims” who have the opportunity to ensure the antagonist is really dead by delivering one final or even multiple blows will not be disappointed with the films’ clong, the job is well and truly taken care of!

All I can say Bidites is that the stakes, in terms of quality have been raised in this sequel and I expect a lot more from the next film then I did from this one. I highly recommend watching this one if (a) you haven’t yet or(b) you were put off by the original, I certainly wasn’t disappointed.
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