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Paranormal Activity 3... Scary or Hilarious?

I just recently watched this and I had mixed feelings. There were some scary parts but the majority of the movie was more or less actually pretty funny. I really expected this after the events of the first two movies. The first was stupid, the second was good, the third was decent but the series should be a lot more scary. It had a lot of potential, mainly nce it was all shot in camera perspective, but mainly because of the dark nature of the movie. I just really thought that it should have been more scary.The funniest part was when the sheet was up like a little girl was under it and it went to the girl tting down and stood behind her. Then it dropped when she turned around. The scariest part was when the girl was thrown into the closet, this part was also a little funny too but not too much. Overall the movie is pretty good but if you're looking for an extremely intense and terrifying movie, you shouldn't watch this. I did enjoy it but the second one was the best in my opinion.

ghostkiller Thursday 6/21/2012 at 01:08 AM | 93769
Whatd you think of the 1st two john?
kizzle Tuesday 7/03/2012 at 11:07 PM | 94299
Whatd you think of the 1st two john?

The first two are some of the scariest films i ever seen!

The first one had me tting in my living room corner with all the lights on with a bible and a picture of my Mom LoL It was the only movie that ever had that kind of effect on me! I couldnt sleep!!

The second one was scary while watching but it didnt have the lasting effect the first one did...

So as far as supernatural/demon movies they top the list for me and are two of my favorites

Couldnt agree more lol. I thought the 2nd one was cooler, only bc of the fact that there are so many diff angles and cameras in the film other than just the hand held one. But other than that the 1st one was more superior
kizzle Wednesday 7/04/2012 at 06:35 PM | 94360