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"There's That Guy" - The Person You Say Man, He's In Everything!

..."man, he's in everything."

Do you ever catch yourself saying that when you see a familiar face on the screen? You watch a film and see a character played by someone who is a "regular" in the movies.

These character actors catch our attention, they really stand out. Their voice, look, screen presence. My article today consts of 5 "guys" who fit that category.

1. Jack Starrett

Who the hell is Jack Starrett? Well, his performance was so badass in First Blood that I had to put him in here. Mr. Starrett played Art Galt, a ruthless asshole of a cop who actually had a taste for the first blood of John J. Rambo.

He sat at his desk like a boss and tried to get answers from Rambo in order to be processed. I can hear him now..."Name...NAME!"

Wait, First Blood isn't a horror film?! No, it isn't. But "Race with the Devil" is. He played a 'gas station attendant'....he also directed the film. Congrats Mr. Starrett, we love your work and you deserve to be on this list.

R.I.P. Jack Starrett 1936-1989

2. Tom Noonan

Who the hell is Tom Noonan? Well, he has had quite the career as an odd looking menace with height comparable to "The Tall Man" Angus Scrimm.

When you see his face, he is definitely one of those "hey, there's that guy".

Our latest brush with Mr. Noonan in the horror genre is "The House of the Devil" where he plays Mr. Ulman. I for one have enjoyed all of his performances, especially this one.

Other roles include appearances in "Tales from the Darkde", "F/X", "Heat" and "Manhunter". He definitely sticks out as a character when you see him. Congrats Mr. Noonan, you've scared the hell out of all of us!

3. Peter Jason

Who the hell is Peter Jason? (and why does he have two first names?) Well, he is a guy who has an IMDB resume longer than the highway that Carey Loftin chased Dennis Weaver down in DUEL...and has no gn of slowing down for the grade.

How does he connect with horror? He connects as 'Gilbert' from everyone's favorite 80's sci-fi horror film with special glasses "They Live". Yep, Mr. Jason has been acting nce the 60's and rolling on strong today.

Congrats Mr. Jason, you're definitely "that guy".

4. George "Buck" Flower

Who the hell is Buck? Well, he is "that guy". Actually, he's "that homeless guy". Yes, he has something in common with Peter Jason. He plays in the film "They Live" as 'Drifter'. (homeless guy)

He just has that extra pizazz when it comes to playing that part. His voice, face and screen appearance stick out more than Pinocchio's nose in an after hours tavern.

Congrats Mr. Flower, you have definitely became one of "that guy".

R.I.P. George "Buck" Flower 1937-2004

5. Gene Dynarski

Who the hell is Gene Dynarski? Well, he is the sandwich eating guy at the roadde cafe in the 1971 road horror "DUEL".

How did he make this list? Because everyone talks about him, or at least a lot of people do who have seen the movie. He just sticks out in the film not only because of the confrontation he has Dennis Weaver a.k.a. 'David Mann', but he takes a bite out that sandwich that would make Paul Bunyan crap his pants. Not to mention, he does have a healthy resume.

I don't know, just something about "that guy" that sticks out there as a memorable character.

Congrats Mr. Dynarski, you knocked the hell out of David Mann like a boss...and you weren't even the killer. You are definitely "that guy".
aceofspades70 Thursday 6/28/2012 at 02:44 AM | 94027
Great article George Buck Flower is an absolute legend and a Carpenter regular
krsdacritter Friday 6/29/2012 at 07:40 AM | 94086
He's not everywhere, but I recently noticed that the guy who plays Norton in TERRORVION also played the disgruntled fast food customer in Fast Times at Ridgemont High!

I would also add Gerrit Graham (Phantom of the Paradise, Child's Play 2, TerrorVion, etc.) to the list.
ObscureCinema101 Friday 6/29/2012 at 03:27 PM | 94094
stay tuned for "There's that guy"...Pt.2
aceofspades70 Saturday 6/30/2012 at 02:50 PM | 94165