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"SEND ME MORE MUPPETS!" Fright-Rags Special July 4th "Mash-Up" Shirt Design

Last December, we released a limited edition shirt called "Re-Animuppet" that was a mash-up of (you guessed it) The Re-Animator and those beloved furry creatures, The Muppets. It was an idea we conceived as a fun thing to do nce we - as I'm sure you did too - grew up watching them as kids and any time I can combine something from my childhood with horror, I go for it. That said, we had no intentions on repeating that particular style of mash-up until one day earlier this year we were tting around talking about ideas, and Kristy blurted out, "We should totally do another muppet shirt with Bert and Ernie from Return of the Living Dead, nce those were the names of Clu Gulager and Don Calfa in the film."

It was one of those moments that hits you like a big whiff of 245 Trioxin...we had to do it. So then we tapped the magnificent genius Jared Moratis (Re-Animuppet, We Belong Alive) to bring this idea to life, and on July 4 you will have your chance to get one.

Like all of our limited edition prints, you'll have THREE DAYS to get in on this one. Make sure to check out the image below and follow the link to find out all the details on this very special edition, and get a peek at the entire shirt. See you next Wednesday!" class="photoborder" />
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