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"There's That Guy"...Pt. 2: HorrorBid Exposes The Genres Unsung Actors

Last time on..."There's that guy"....

1. Jack Starrett - horror relation: "Race with the Devil" 2. Tom Noonan - horror relation:: "The House of the Devil" 3. Peter Jason - horror relation: "They Live" 4. George "Buck" Flower - horror relation: "They Live" 5. Gene Dynarski - horror relation: "DUEL"

Today we take a look at...

1. James Cromwell

Who the hell is James Cromwell? Well, anyone from the 80's definitely knows him as "Mr. Skolnick" from "Revenge of the Nerds". His character stuck out more then a set of fake boobs wrapped around a stripper pole. He has also been acting for decades.

How is he related to horror? As many characters as he has played, I had to put him on the list because he did do an episode of American Horror Story and he's just a good actor who stands out there.

Congrats Mr. Cromwell, you made the list.

2. Geoffrey Lewis

Who the hell is Geoffrey Lewis? Well, this guy has been in more tv shows and movies than a killers weapon in a bloody corpse. He's been at it nce the 60's, and is still going strong. He's one hell of a character actor with one hell of a resume.

What's the horror connection? Geoffrey was a victim in the Rob Zombie film "The Devils Rejects". He was also in "Night of the Comet". According to IMDB, he is slated as "Dam Worker Frank" in "Dark Star Hollow", a sci-fi horror film.

Congrats Mr. Lewis. You have a body of work that the Hulk himself can't match.

3. Marc Macaulay

Who the hell is Marc Macaulay? Well, Marc is another great character actor who has been at it nce appearing in the fluorescent 80's TV hit Miami Vice and the only actor to appear in both the TV series and the 2006 remake. He has also participated in some stunt work which I think is very cool.

How does he connect to horror? "My Bloody Valentine" and "Feast II". He's another one of those guys who just sticks out in the crowd due to a continuous stream of work.

Congrats Mr. Macaulay, you're one of "that guy".

4. William Ostrander

Who the hell is William Ostrander? Well, if you don't know who he is, you too should be run over by a flaming 1957 Plymouth Fury.

"Buddy Repperton" stood out more than a death lance being held by a pale horseman. Although he did not find acting to be all it could have been, Ostrander nailed that character like a boss and deserves to be on the list. I really couldn't picture anyone else sporting those types of deburns...or stabbing a lunch sack with a switchblade.

According to IMDB info, he took on a contracting buness of his own as of 2007. Maybe we'll be able to see Will in the future in another film...which is his connection to our article. "Christine" from 1983, a drama/horror/mystery.

Congrats Mr. Ostrander, you definitely deserve to be on our list.

5. Brian Libby

Who the hell is Brian Libby? Well, he is the guy who scared the ever loving shit out of all of us in the roundhouse wielding 1982 Chuck Norris film "lent Rage", an action/horror/sci-fi film.

Brian has played as a great character actor in numerous films and is still going strong. However, as "John Kirby" in "lent Rage" he scared us more than a sack full of rattlesnakes in a dark room with no doorway.

Congrats Mr. Libby, you have definitely earned a spot on our "that guy" list. (and by the way...did you ever get out of that well?)
aceofspades70 Tuesday 7/03/2012 at 11:35 PM | 94305
stay tuned for "There's that guy"...Pt. 3
aceofspades70 Wednesday 7/04/2012 at 06:47 PM | 94362
I would also put down Clu Gulager. I seem to see him in a lot.
ObscureCinema101 Thursday 7/05/2012 at 03:03 AM | 94383