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RoboCop's OmniCorp Viral Campaign Gives Us A Quick Look At The RC-2000

Today we were treated to a pretty spiffy piece of adverting for the 2013 reboot of Jose Padilha's

retelling of Robocop. The campaign, which went viral earlier in the day, commenced with an advertisement followed by the webpage launch for the crime technology company, OmniCorp.

The advertisement plays itself off as a full commercial for the fictional OmniCorp, and promotes three of its products.

The first product promoted is the XT-908, an unmanned aerial drone probably inspired by the U.S.'s controveral use of drones to kill suspected terrorists in Pakistan. Among its listed features is facial recognition, and the voice-over says the drones "watch over our citizens."

The next product shown is the ED-209, a mainstay from the original trilogy. In the ad, the ED-209 is shown going head-to-head with a tank and the narrator says the robot, which first protected battlefields, will now protect cities.

The final product is hinted at but not shown, but appears to be the Robocop project. The ad says the product will be revealed in the coming months and will be their biggest innovation yet, “where human resources meets robotic engineering.”

The ad ends by showing the company’s webte, The webte, which is mostly

"Access Denied" features a full homepage showing the company’s products and featuring a mison statement that describes OmniCorp’s vion. OmniCorp’s slogan is “We’ve Got the Future Under Control.”

RoboCop is slated to hit theaters on August 9, 2013, and will star Joel Kinnaman in the titular role. Hugh Laurie, Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson are also set to star in the remake.

Source: The Celebrity Cafe
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