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Take a Zombie Studio Tour With Greg Nicotero: Inside The Walking Dead Season 3

If you're a Walking Dead fiend like me, then I'll bet you're going through withdrawal right about now, just like I am. True, the folks at AMC were nice enough to cram down all 19 episodes of the Dead down our throats this past weekend, and I thank them for that -- but that just made my craving even worse, that is until I discovered that there was one other piece of visual goodness that AMC shared with us zombie crazed addicts this past weekend! So in case you missed it, like your's truly, don't fret -- because I went out and found the prize, and it's right under this awesome looking banner below.

In the "sneak peek" video, Special Effects Make-Up Degner Greg Nicotero shows off the latest zombie wizardry to come out of his shop along with some familiar undead faces that we've already bared witness too.

Be sure to catch Season 3 of The Walking Dead this fall on AMC.Source: YouTube
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