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WTF Netflix Review: Someone is Knocking at the Door

As I scoured through my never ending instant queue, I decided to watch Someone is Knocking at the Door. A film about medical students who get all drugged out and are "f*cked to death" by haunting illuons... yeah... I know... "f*cked to death" There is a never ending supply of nudity in this film; nudity of both sexes. No joke you will see a huge 2 liter bottle zed dick and a vagina that is big enough to put a volleyball into it. In the film we get to see this fat guy with the 2 liter dick running down a hall way trying to rape a girl, who trips and falls at least seven times within a 10 feet distance. Before that we get to see the volleyball vagina lady suffocate a woman by shoving her head in her vagina. Yup.... she suffocated inde a vagina.

All I have to say is..... Netflix......... WTF!?!?!

I honestly never expected to see this kind of a movie on Netflix. This movie was not worth watching because of bad special effects makeup, retarded storyline, and the acting was terrible! This film is a solid NEGATIVE 5 out of 10.

BloodyAdored Thursday 7/12/2012 at 09:31 PM | 94651