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"There's That Guy"...Pt. 3: : HorrorBid Exposes The Genres Unsung Actors

Last time on..."There's that guy"...

1. James Cromwell - horror relation: "American Horror Story" 2. Geoffrey Lewis - horror relation: "The Devil's Rejects" 3. Marc Macaulay - horror relation: "My Bloody Valentine" 4. William Ostrander - horror relation: "Christine" 5. Brian Libby - horror relation: "lent Rage"

Today we look at...

1. Charles Cyphers

Who the hell is Charles Cyphers? Well, lets just get to the point here. Mr Cyphers played Leigh Brackett in Halloween and Halloween II.

He also has a healthy list of IMDB credits that trace back to the seventies. Congrats Mr. Cyphers. You have made our "that guy" list with honors.

Clu Gulager

Who the hell is Clu Gulager? Well, this guy has a list of credits that could wrap around your head and make you think its a face hugger. His acting career dates back to the mid fifties when western televion series were popular.

How is he related to horror? Mr. Gulager played the role of "Burt" in Return of the Living dead 1985. He was also in all three "Feast" movies. Congrats Mr. Gulager, you have definitely made our "that guy" list.

3. David Sherrill

Who the hell is David Sherrill? Well, this is the guy who had hair and make up that would make Marilyn Manson wanna smack his momma. For those of you who arent familiar with this eighties road warrior wonder, he played "Skank" in the 1986

film "The Wraith".

Any other direct connection to horror, or more of a horror main genre film? Not really, but just get a load of that hair and make-up when you watch the film. Man, that shit has some kick.

Congrats Mr. Sherrill, you have made our "that guy" list.

4. Clint Howard

Who the hell is Clint Howard? Well, his name does ring a bell, but if you havent heard of him, he is unmistakeable when seen on screen. He has characteristics that stick out more than a...well...just look at him. thats meant in a good way Mr. Howard

Whats the horror connection? Mr. Howard was also in "The Wraith" with the brake fluid drinking, WD-40 snorting David Sherrill, but he has also participated in films such as the 2007 Halloween remake, House of the Dead and Infested. His IMDB traces back to 1963 holy shit and he has no gn of slowing as a working actor.

Congrats Mr. Howard. Your unique look and stellar resume has earned you a spot on our "that guy" list.

5. Rex Everhart

In the appropriate manner of todays date, we are going to honor the man who played a great little role in our favorite genre film....Friday the 13th.

Mr. Rex Everhart played the role of "Enos, the truck driver". I remember seeing the behind the scenes info about how they filmed this. I found this very interesting and it intrigued me on how things get done in movies. You can never get too much inspiration this way.

Unfortunately, Rex is no longer with us. But he will always be remembered in both F13 - 1 and 2 as Enos. With a horror connection like this and an acting career that spans over four decades, there is no doubt that he has earned a spot on todays "theres that guy" list.

Congrats Mr. Everhart, and may you rest in peace.
aceofspades70 Friday 7/13/2012 at 04:43 PM | 94679
I LOVE The Wraith!

Good call with Clint. He was also in one of my underrated favorites, 1981's Evilspeak.

And don't forget Gulager's role in Elm Street 2!

Keep up with the articles! They're great!
ObscureCinema101 Friday 7/13/2012 at 05:01 PM | 94681
Thank you Ob!

Stay tuned for "There's that guy"...Pt. 4
aceofspades70 Friday 7/13/2012 at 05:09 PM | 94682