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TOMMY 3.0 - New Leatherface 2003 Mask

Here is the new Tommy 3.0 TCM 03 replica mask. It comes in 3 varieties, and each mask is made upon request, with payment being taken upon completion of each mask. Masks are shipped immediately following payments. Hope you guys like 'em! I'm a huge fan of the TCM remake, and put all I could into bringing the ultimate replica to other fans like myself. I am really excited to finally share Tommy 3.0 with the world.

llama/alpaca hair, $240 shipped in U.S., $265 international.

mohair, $240 shipped in U.S., $265 international. :

deluxe human hair, $345 shipped in U.S., $365 international:

addison.morarre Friday 7/20/2012 at 02:55 AM | 94926
Best of the best right here.
haloboyvash Friday 7/20/2012 at 09:16 AM | 94931
Very, very cool dude! I'm a fan of all TCM movies, and saw the 2003 veron not as a remake, but as another sequel. I have no Leatherface masks yet ( got almost every Myers & Jason masks) but nce that collection is almost complete, the leatherface masks are next on my list..the 3rd mask realy looks brutal and is my favorite ( I got a thing for expenve stuff hahahaha) Great work!
UberJason78 Friday 7/20/2012 at 04:37 PM | 94941