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The Third Trailer Teaser For Paranormal Activity 4 Reveals The Number Of The Beast

Some really creepy things are occurring as the third, and final teaser for the Paranormal Activity 4 trailer has now surfaced. The first trailer teaser (yep, that's what Paramount is calling 'em) hit the web at exactly 6:00/PT on Monday morning, followed by a second which was released once again at 6:00/PT this morning. Now the last in the trio of trailer teasers hit the web at exactly 6:00/PT tonight. Maybe we're looking to far into this, but it would be a tad bit outlandish to think that Paramount unknowingly released all 3 trailers at 6,6, and 6. Pretty freaky, yet genius on their part - don't ya think?

Now before we get to the footage. I captured one new image from each of the 3 teasers which were littered with old footage from previous installments. Check them out below, and you'll notice a new face that we've never seen before.

Paranormal Activity 4 hits theaters nationwide on October 19th. Stay tuned tomorrow for more.

Source: the 'Bid
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