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DARK SHADE CREEK (Reflecting off of the 80's Slasher genre)

This is a low budget film that my buddy is working on. Seeing how much of the film is done so far, really blows my mind to think that it's low budget, because I've seen releeased dvds that are not this good. Not tooting my own horn, but being realistic, I think we really have something here.

Keep in mind that this movie is NOT finished yet, but will be by Halloween - 2012... So

these are just teaser trailers not really showing anything, but are more for sparking up a little excitment.

And for those who are willing to help us get this copyrighted and produced onto dvds with complete coverart, cases and disc art, please vit and donate a little something for us to make this happen! If you can't donate, no biggy! Spreading the word out about this will be alot of help to us as well!!!

We appreciate ANY help we can get!!!


Harry Warden Thursday 8/02/2012 at 01:36 PM | 95261