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Shattered Hopes: Amityville Murders Review

For any Amityville fan, "Shattered Hopes: The True Story of the Amityville Murders" is a must see.

The documentary has been split into three parts.

Part 1: From Horror to Homicide shows us in depth detail about the Defeo family before they were murdered.

The documentary itself is very profesonal.

The interviews and reenactments help push the story forward.

As an Amityville researcher myself,

I was surprised at all the new information and details that the documentary had to offer.

Probably one of the most interesting characters to see interviewed is Butch Defoes ex wife.

You can really tell the time that went into making and researching this film.

From the editing to the interviews and even the Amityville replica house that they built for the production.The interesting aspect about this documentary is that it focuses on the Defoe family.

Until now, we have only had a true glimpse of the Lutz family story with the hauntings.

We never really knew much about the family that actually started the whole phenomenon.

It's amazing that almost 40 years later this de of the story has never really been told... until now.

I recommend this documentary for any Amityville enthuast or just to someone who enjoys true crime stories.

You can check out the films webte right here ( is an excluve look at Part II of the documentary series below!
Aronsonfilms Thursday 8/02/2012 at 02:56 PM | 95262