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NECA Reveals An Hi-Res Image Of David From Their Upcoming 'Prometheus' Line

A brand new image has been released today by NECA for their upcoming 7" Prometheus figure line which is due out later in the year. And judging by these early images, this highly anticipated line will be so hot that by the time they're ready to ship there's a good chance that you'll find just a melted hunk of plastic left at the bottom of the clam shell!

Check out the image below which reveals a highly-detailed David figure, equip with removable dome/helmet. Both he and the Holloway figure will come packaged with these dome helmets, as well as 2 heads.

Look for David and company to be released by the end of 2012.

Source: TNI News
Anonymous Sunday 8/05/2012 at 11:13 PM | 95347