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MASKED: THE MOVIE - Chaotic Crowdfunding!

Masked: The Movie is a film about a young husband and father named Alex Luna who is being interrogated by a criminal psychologist after he and his family are attacked by a masked man.

"Masked" is a new short horror/thriller from Random Axe Entertainment. We've shot a handful of shorts already, but we're looking to make this one amazing. We're building sets, ung killer effects and even shooting on RED. Assuming of course, that we raise our goal.

So far, crowdfunding has been quite crazy. Utilizing twitter, Facebook and any other social media outlet we can, we've managed to raise $700 as of this writing. Only $4,300 more to go and 20 days to do it in! We offer a lot of the perks you normally see for a film being crowd funded, but we have some fairly unique ones as well. Our first limited perk sold out quickly; 10 backers got their faces on an "FBI's most wanted" board feature in the film. We're now offering a limited edition T-Shirt with a degn that utilizes backers' names.

One of the coolest perks we have only costs a dollar! For a dollar, backers get access to a LIVE FEED of the production. So backers can be virtually on the set, and even speak with some of the cast and crew during downtime.

Please go check out the campaign on and pledge as little as a dollar, or at least take the time to share it with your friends. The more people that know about it, the more likely we are to reach our goal. Thank you all so much!

Alex Williams Writer/Director
RandomAlex Thursday 8/09/2012 at 01:05 PM | 95437