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REAL LIFE HORROR: Miami Zombie Attack Update

Towards the end of May, a story broke (followed by other bizarre & macabre incidents) that had many wondering if a real life zombie apocalypse could in fact be upon us. Ronald Poppo, a homeless man, was savagely assaulted by a man named Rudy Eugene who may or may not have been on bath salts or some other substance; the story keeps changing. You can read the original article at

A couple of weeks later, an update was issued which said that Poppo lost approximately 50% of his face in the attack. A fund was established to help with the cost of the large medical bills. Story available at

And now, two months after the gruesome story broke, Poppo has spoken out about the attack to a CBS affiliate in Miami. You can view the five minute video at Poppo is still recovering from the ordeal but seems to be adjusting to life as best as he can. I don't know how anyone can live through such a brutal attack, but my hat's off to him for trying to get past it. Hopefully, he'll make as complete a recovery as anyone could make in that tuation.
CZW_CJBecker Friday 8/10/2012 at 12:50 AM | 95455