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They Eat Your Flesh - Brazilian Gore Madness on DVD from Titan Video This September!

Titan Video is New York City's premiere horror and cult film distributor, releang some of the best and most under-appreciated horror and cult films from all over the world!

Our first release is of an underrated gore film from Brazil named They Eat Your Flesh! It was shot in 1996, and was distributed via the Brazilian underground film circuit for many years, gaining notoriety as being one of Brazil's goriest films in existence!

Titan Video is proud to announce the first ever DVD release of They Eat Your Flesh, due out September 15th, 2012.

Pre-orders of this release begin August 25th! If you pre-order between August 25th and September 5th, you will receive a FREE, limited edition, autographed poster, gned by Petter Baiestorf, the film's director. Supplies are limited, so pre-order August 25th!

Cover A of They Eat Your Flesh

Cover B of They Eat Your Flesh! Cover B is a wrap-around cover, buy the DVD to see the complete image!

Pre-order your copy August 25th at!

P.S, I am aware the webte is not active yet. It is being created as we type, and will be functioning by the pre-order date.

For now though, give us a "like" on Facebook!
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Thank you for sharing.
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