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FRIGHT-RAGS Announces Hellraiser Limited Edition Details & FULL Artwork

Demon to some...angel to others. This is going to be THE shirt to own if you're a Hellraiser fan. I just received an e-mail from the fine folks at Fright-Rags about this shirt along with a link to some ordering information. Best part is if you're at MonsterMania Con this weekend in Cherry Hill, NJ, you may just get first crack at it before it goes on sale next week!

"This year marks the 25th Anniversary for many fan favorite horror films* such as The Lost Boys, Monster Squad, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, and of course the seminal clasc Blood, was that out loud? However, there is one film in particular celebrating its lver anniversary this year that had a gnificant impact on my childhood and, I suspect, yours as well.

I remember it all too well... My friend Ryan was spending the night at my house and after dinner it was time to head up to the local video store. We already knew what we wanted, and were running into the store before my mom could even shift her K-car into park. As we raced in, we made our way to the new releases, feverishly scanning the rows of clamshells in alphabetical order to find the "H" section. And there it was...


Lucky for us, their one copy was available. Score! That evening, my 10 year old eyes witnessed the unthinkable horrors of what would become one of the most popular franchises of the genre. Unlucky for us, my mom watched it too, and kept asking me "what did I see in that crap?" but to her credit, she never once stopped me from finishing the film. Up until then, I had cut my teeth on all the slasher films the early-mid Eighties had to offer. But it was Hellraiser that opened the door to the seedy underbelly f the genre I had not previously explored. And I liked it...

Ironically, the other film we rented that night was Child's Play...which I was expecting to be scarier than Hellraiser (based on the trailer where all the viewers said it was the scariest movie of all time...hey, TV doesn't lie, right?). And while I enjoyed the devilish lil' Chucky (and still do), it was Hellraiser that was burned into my brain for all time. And dammit, it's high time we commemorate it on a shirt.

HELLRAISER LIMITED EDITION - ONLY 500 PRINTED Along with three brand new degns, next Friday we will be releang a special limited edition Hellraiser degn, limited to ONLY 500 shirts. zes and quantities are limited. Unlike previous limited editions this is NOT a pre-order, so make sure to log on to the te get yours as soon as they are available at 12pm Noon on Friday, August 24. Want to see the final degn? Just click this link, or click the image below to check it out!!

Oh yeah, and if you're headed to Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ this weekend, we may just have a few for sale there too :)

See you Friday!


Please read all the details below to make sure you dont miss out on this limited edition t-shirt !ONLY 500 PRINTED! : This t-shirt will only be available at 12:00pm EST NOON Friday, August 24. Unlike previous limited editions, this shirt is NOT A PRE-ORDER and will be available on a first-come, first-serve bas. zes and quantities are limited so make sure to get yours as soon as its available. Please note that this is Eastern Standard Time, so check your time zone as this time may be earlier or later, depending on where you live.ZES AVAILABLE : MENS / UNISEX: Small - 5X-LargeT-SHIRT PRICE : $25.95 per shirt

All of this info. can be found at
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