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Titan Video - They Eat Your Flesh Press Sheet Revealed!

Pre-orders begin August 25th! Pre-order the DVD at that time and you will receive a FREE, limited edition poster autographed by the film's director, Petter Baiestorf!

August 25th, vit to pre-order your copy of Petter Baiestorf's THEY EAT YOUR FLESH! The DVD is NTSC and REGION ALL, so if you live in Europe, you will be able to watch this Brazilian gore-fest! This is the poster you will receive. It will be a little bit larger than the DVD cover. It is NOT a full-ze poster you hang on your wall. There will be posters of that sort printed at a later date. The white box is where Petter will gn the poster!

Contact Titan Video's Facebook page if you have any questions about the pre-order/street date of THEY EAT YOUR FLESH!
Celluloid Hell Wednesday 8/15/2012 at 02:36 AM | 95551