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Here's Four Reasons To Buy This Weeks Edition Of EW; Variant Covers Of The Walking Dead

If you're an avid Walking Dead fan and you also happen to be one of those zany completionists who's gotta have every thing, and anything to do with the Robert Kirkman creation. Then here's FOUR more "must-have" items to add to your collection.

Entertainment Weekly will be releang a special preview of "The Walking Dead" Season Three this Friday, August 24th, and to help celebrate they will be releang four different collectors' covers individually featuring Rick, Michonne, The Governor and Daryl. Check them out below, and pray to God that you'll be able to score all four without having to resort to eBay.

In Season Three, which makes its return on October 14th, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company will face a brand new threat - one that is very much human. While Rick and the gang are busy clearing out a prison in the hopes of transforming it into a protective fortress, not so far away is the town of Woodbury, Georgia, and its self-appointed leader, the Governor (David Morrissey).

Source; EW
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