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"Rockula" - As Catchy As Herpes!

Original Post: (but don't miss the update below)

"Rockula" is referred to as a "Cult Clasc".

I guess that means a small group of people lacking taste.

This movie has a few moments where it is so bad that I couldn't help but laugh.

On a serious note, it's not even a vampire movie.

It is a cheesy 80's flick, and the guy is a vampire.

That's about it.

His long eternal lifespan is the only thing that matters in the plot.

If you like the campy cheese-ball movies you might get a kick out of this one.

Otherwise, you might want to kick yourself for wasting your time.

I actually turned the movie off about twenty minutes from the end.

My son insted that we finish the movie the next morning.

I have to admit that the humorous mucal numbers have grown on me in less then 24 hours.

This could be one of those movies that gets better with each viewing.

Let me know...


At movie night last night, I found myself talking about this film.

I have been to to revit certain scenes.

I can only describe this movie as a "Napoleon Dynomite" of the horror genre.

It is so stupid it is good.

If you appreciate stupid humor, and can dig movies like "Rocky Horror Picture Show", then you should check this one out.

Give the 1 minute and 49 second trailer a shot.
Scream Anshreik Wednesday 8/22/2012 at 09:52 PM | 95710