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Kiss Meets The Phantom Called Nostalgia

By now, a lot of you all will have probably read Horror Hound's latest issue, its focal point, the co-existence of Metal muc and horror movies.

I agree with the fact that they just mply go together like, say, blood and guts, or brains and Return of the Living Dead.

All this being said, I have been reminded of a movie which happens to be the first film I ever watched over and over again as a kid.

I was roughly 4 or 5 and my parents had somehow ended up with a recording of Kiss Meets Phantom of the Park.

There are so many things I don't remember, but as I recently sat and watched the intro to the movie, there sparked in my head many nostalgic images deeply imbedded (see image above).

Taking the concept of The Song Remains the Same from Led Zeppelin and running, scissors in hand, with it, Kiss made a film which blended a sci-fi action film with a live footage concert film.

I got my first taste of Heavy Metal and an unending love for the "strange and unusual."

I really can't remember much passed the title sequence, but I do know that at some point there are laser beams and floating Kiss members.

I will definitely get my nostalgic hands on this soon and so should you.
Madloomis78 Wednesday 9/05/2012 at 02:53 AM | 95829