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'Crawl' Delivers The Suspense To DVD This October

Character-driven thrillers, when done right, can be very effective films which result in a pleasurable watching experience. Hopefully the Australian thriller Crawl , which is due to hit DVD on October 1st under the Bloody Disgusting Selects banner, has what it takes to fall into that elite category.

In the film, " A seedy bar owner hires a mysterious Croatian to murder an acquaintance over an unpaid debt. The crime is carried out, but a planned double-crosng backfires, and an innocent waitress suddenly becomes involved. Now a hostage in her own home, the young woman is driven to desperate measures for survival. A suspenseful, yet darkly humorous chain of events builds to a blood-curdling and unforgettable climax."

Georgina Haig, George Shevtsov, and Paul Holmes star in the film which was written and directed by Paul China.

Source; Bloody Disgusting Selects
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