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A Trio Of Teasers For The 3rd Season Of 'The Waking Dead' Reveal 2 New Trailers & A Poster

Some more goodies have trickled our way from the forthcoming season of AMC's The Walking Dead, and being the generous cats's that we are, we decided to save you t a lot of finger work by providing you with all the good right here for your blissful viewing pleasure. Check 'em out below.

First off is a very familiar teaser poster, which might I add - looks exactly like the teaser poster for the Vicious Brothers sequel to Grave Encounters.

If you watched this past Sundays's mid-season finale of

Breaking Bad

and you keep your hands off the remote during its commercial breaks then these next two promos for season 3 of the Dead " should like really familiar.

"The Walking Dead" makes its return on Sunday, October 14th.

Source; the 'Bid
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