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Gather Around! It's Time for a BATTLEFIELD DEATH TALES Movie Review!

Battlefield Death Tales is a horror movie which contains three chilling tales from World War II. Each tale was written and directed by three different men: Jim Eaves, Alan Ronald, and Pat Higgins. These three tales create a very diverse and interesting movie, bringing ideas and theories to life of what may have really happened during World War II.

The first story is entitled Medal of Horror directed by Jim Eaves, who also directed the horror movie Bane which can be seen on Netflix ... id=2361637 Medal of Honor is about a solider who is sent out into the German Nazi territory to save his commanding officer’s daughter which whom the solider had slept with. Unbeknownst to the solider a grizzly fate awaits him filled with Nazis and zombies!

Medal of Honor has it’s ups and downs. The makeup was done beautifully well with realistic looking blood and war wounds. The story line was very interesting and kept me watching. However, there was obvious flaws to this film pertaining to continuity, character interactions, and one of the cameras used to film with. In one scene we see a person typing a letter on a type writer; however, the letter had already been typed out. In another scene we see a nurse standing, talking to the general who is tting down. When the nurse was speaking to him, it looked like she was looking into his eyes speaking to him, but he was seated when she was standing and talking, which you can see between the scene cuts. One of the biggest flaws was with one of the cameras used to film some of the scenes with. There was literally horizontal lines going across the screen that could be seen whenever big exploons or sudden fast movement occurred. This proved to be quite annoying during the exciting scenes. Although Medal of Honor

has it’s flaws, I still enjoyed the film in the beauty of the makeup, scenery, and gripping story line.

" class="photoborder" /> The second tale we see is entitled Harriet’s War directed by Alan Ronald who also directed the upcoming horror film, Chinese Burns. Harriet’s War is about a woman named Harriet Price, who investigates deaths and the paranormal. Harriet comes to a small town in which murders have occurred, leaving the victims bodies covered in swastikas. Harriet on the case, to find who is responble for these disturbing murders.

Harriet’s War has the perfect amount of sexy, thrilling, and chilling images, not to mention a touch of dark comedy, making it absolutely wonderful. This film was superb and it is not one to be missed. The story line, props, lighting, and the locations of the film are beautiful. The props were very unique and had somewhat of a steampunk feel to them. The lighting felt so right for the mood and feeling of this film. I have nothing negative to say about this film. If anything I would love to see Harriet’s War become a full length film.

The final tale is called Devil of the Blitz directed by Pat Higgins who also directed various other horror films like Strippers vs Werewolfs, KillerKiller, and Hellbride. Devil of the Blitz is about a creature that is attacking people off the battlefield within the safety of their homes. First they were hiding from Nazis, now they are hiding from a creature! Nobody is safe now with the Devil of the Blitz running about!

Devil of the Blitz was somewhat confung, until the creature came about. Most of the film was boring talking then the creature appears and things finally get interesting from there. I absolutely loved the creature! The creature was not some CGI bull crap; it was a real hand made monster, like the ones we use to see in the earlier days of horror. It was creepy with it’s sharp teeth and slimy complexion. Creature set ade, this film was all filler but lacked in being a thriller.

These three tales of terror in Battlefield Death Tales, in my opinion, would’ve made an awesome mini series for televion, like the Masters of Horror mini series, than a film of three tales. However, this film is still one I would recommend for horror fans to watch. Overall I this film was quite chilling and intriguing, therefore I give this film a 7 out of 10.

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