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Dr. Loomis Costume Life-sized

I have looked for an accurate trenchcoat like this one for many years never found any in thrift stores or in retail stores exactly like this. I saw some new on eBay for a lot of money so decided to maybe just get a new one down the road. Oddly enough I was just watching Halloween last night and today I went out clothes/prop hunting and just happened to see this Lond Fog on the rack at Goodwill for only $5.00! Not only only that it is almost my exact ze! Just a long not a regular. Law of Attraction works again baby! Or is it the Law of Evil? :) Always wanted to do the costume and a life-zed but good masks were hard to find and expenve. Who all makes Loomis masks now? I know KreationX does one and Wright FX and I always wanted the KreationX one but was not wearable and small I believe, and for the price I wanted it wearable or at least for use on a mannequin. Might be able to do that. Was also pricey but seems not many make a Loomis. Was really cool though to finally have one of these come to me. But I think this could be the start of one and maybe a Duo set of Dr. Loomis and Myers. It is time they both came home...

sirbrad Sunday 9/09/2012 at 07:05 PM | 96200
After watching Halloween 25th Anniversary all night with commentary, I thought I would go out looking for a brown suit just for fun. I know it would be like hitting the lotto though as they are hard to find in my area in that color, especially new. So with Loomis quotes still embedded in my head from last, "You don't know what death is,"

"I shot him 6 times..." He had the blackest eyes" etc, I saw one PERFECT brown coat on the wrack and was the perfect ze! That is rare, and not many browns period. It had no pants of course, so I was hoping I could find some close at least and in the right ze. Sure enough I saw ONE pair the same exact color and right ze!! I thought maybe they separated the suit accidently but they were different brands. AWESOME! I think Loomis may be helping me honor him from the grave. :) Tough to capture the color outdoors but it is dark brown.

sirbrad Tuesday 9/11/2012 at 07:48 PM | 96263