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Crowd Funding.

Whoa, here's a tricky subject.

Seems like everyone has an Indie gogo or Kickstarter campaign going these days to raise money for a horror film. Kind of a rough battle for filmmakers to raise money with them. I've seen a lot of them fail including my own.

Naturally some people may think that a filmmaker is trying to raise a bunch of money to go party with or make a half ass film or what have you; and yeah, I can see where that thought would cross the minds of many.

Other campaigns have raised thousands...hundreds of thousands and over a million dollars. Take for example a campaign for tennis shoes/technology that currently has nearly 40K raised...or the space exploration campaign that has over 40K. Then you have "Orapup", a campaign that has raised 20K (half of what they want) to make a doggie tongue cleaning brush. I don't know about you...but I don't kiss dogs and they're going to have funky breath mply from know. The Joplin Mosque fund has raised over 400,000 dollars of their 250,000 goal with the only donation amount of 250.00 per person.

Then there is...ready for this? The campaign for "let's build a goddamn tesla museum" that has currently raised 1,229,891.00 Yes, that's One Million, Two Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand, Eight Hundred Ninety One Dollars. That's a lot of samolians.

How do you feel about the whole crowd funding routine? What do you feel are worthy campaigns to donate your money too?

aceofspades70 Tuesday 9/11/2012 at 02:53 PM | 96260