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Scares That Care! Announces "Horror That Helps" Convention - Find Out When Here!

If you attend horror conventions, you may have noticed a table for an organization called Scares That Care!. If you've never heard of the organization or what they do, the following is from the webte:

"Scares That Care!” is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides money, toys and other items to help ck children. We have two other programs consting of “Scares For Pairs,” where we help women fighting breast cancer; We also have partnered with horror icon Kane Hodder, and we created the “I Helped Kane” program, where we provide asstance to those children who have suffered serious burn injuries."

100% of all donations go to those in need. Earlier this year, the family of a little boy named Draven received a check for $10,000 to asst with medical expenses. Draven is in need of a new heart.

I want to let everyone know that we chose the middle of summer to avoid any conflicts with those shows that occur during the Spring and Fall. ANY convention that has supported "Scares That Care!," will be afforded a free vendor's table, and those promoters in attendance will be allowed to network with any celebrity we bring in for potential appearances at their own show.

We are extremely grateful for those shows that have allowed "Scares That Care!" to attend, so we can continue our mison of helping ck children, women fighting breast cancer, and those children with severe burn injuries. Our hope is that we can continue to work with them - their friendship and support is important to us.

We ask that you "Save The Date." And join us in fighting REAL monsters! June, 2014. More details coming soon!"

As one of the New Jersey State Representatives for Scares That Care!, I'm absolutely delighted to bring this news to all of the Bidites out there. Horror fans get a bad rap, but have constently proven themselves to be some of the most caring people going. So mark June 2014 on your calendars. Let's have some fun & give back to those who need it.

To learn more about Scares That Care!, please vit " class="photoborder" />
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